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Our Managing Safely courses in Chelmsford and Essex are designed to cover health and safety management principles and encourage candidates to use their own knowledge and training to not only reduce hazards in their own working environment, but actively tackle issues that can arise on a day to day basis.



Workers who are completely new to the ins and outs of health and safety legislation will benefit from enrolling on one of our IOSH Working Safely courses in London. The syllabus includes a basic introduction to safety training and guidelines that can be applied to any workforce in any industry.

After attending the one day IOSH Working Safely training course, candidates will be able to:

  • Carry out work activities without risk to themselves or others
  • Understand the consequences that arise as a result of failing to work safely
  • Identify hazards, risks and risk controls and understand the importance of risk assessment with examples of everyday use
  • Take appropriate workplace precautions and understand their importance in the work environment
  • Identify lines of communication in their places of work
  • Identify safety signs and signals
  • Report incidents and near misses in their places of work to the correct person